Kirby Rehabilitation, Inc.
Substance Abuse/DUI and Domestic Violence Counseling 

"Cleaning is our business"


Recidivism rates: 

In 2010 fiscal year 63 clients who completed our program only 2 re-offended in domestic violence. 

In 2011 fiscal year 83 clients participated in our program with only 1 re-offended of domestic violence.


1998 Quarterly Single Parent Newsletter

2000 Single Parent Support Group

2002 Child Care Society/LAN 80 Preventing the CoOccurance of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention. Provided Parent training. (Grant)

2005 DOJ Department of Justice Provided DV, Parent training, and Anger Mgmt for male inmates.

2005 The Urban League Collaborated with the Urban League (Male Involvement Program) for pilot program for the PAIP (Partner Abuse Intervention Program).

2006 Circuit Court of Cook County Provided the PAIP (Partner Abuse Intervention Program) for Social Service and Adult Probation recipients.

2006 DCFS Provided Intact and Foster Care Parents Parent training

2007 Provided Parent Training, Parent Coaching, Anger Management, and the Partner Abuse Intervention Program to local agencies: Lutheran Family and Child, Lakeside Community, Aunt Martha’s, The Youth Campus, ABJ, local schools and churches.

2010 BUFI (Black United Fund) Case Management/Counseling Grant

(Provide Supportive Services for clients participating in other activities within program (Parenting, Anger Management, PAIP, Counseling)

Parent Leadership

Teaching parents how to navigate and advocate for themselves through the educational system and community for themselves and their children.

2012 Employment Training Program

2014 Substance Abuse Counseling/DUI


Department of Health and Human Services/Administration for Children and Families Washington DC

Children’s Bureau, Office on Child Abuse and Neglect

Certificate of Recognition

Emerging Practices in the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Project 2002

Certificate of Thanks

Adoption Safe Family Act Family Empowerment Initiative Program June 21, 2002

LAN 80 / Child Care Society

Certificate of Appreciation 3rd District Police Dept Domestic Violence Subcommittee 12/2010